7 Open Source Version Control Systems Reviewed

Posted in Developing on September 22, 2008 by v1ruz

This article reviews some of the top open-source version control systems and tools that make setting up a version control system easy.

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8 CSS Techniques for Charting Data

Posted in Developing on September 21, 2008 by v1ruz

There are many ways you can present numerical, chartable data by styling elements using CSS. Using CSS to style your data prevents you from relying on static images and increases your content’s accessibility.

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Microsoft’s ‘I’m a PC’ campaign created with Macs

Posted in Apple, Various on September 20, 2008 by v1ruz

…not even Microsoft itself can wean itself off the Mac…

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Perfect Lego Mac Pro Is Two Computers in One

Posted in Apple, Mod on September 20, 2008 by v1ruz

At first sight, this looked like a perfect working reproduction of a Mac Pro made of Lego, so I was ready to call it the best Lego computer in the history of best Lego computers. Then, when I learnt that it houses one full PC running Mac OS X and a Mac Mini. And when I finally saw the Steve Jobs minifig standing there, nerdgasm ensued.

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Free Alternatives to 10 Popular Commercial Mac Applications

Posted in Apple, Software on September 19, 2008 by v1ruz

List of the most frequently used Mac applications and provided a free counterpart for each of them. Hopefully, they’ll serve you as well as the paid versions.

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Learn Kernel Command Using Linux System Calls

Posted in Linux/Unix on September 19, 2008 by v1ruz

Linux system calls — we use them every day. But do you know how a system call is performed from user-space to the kernel? Explore the Linux system call interface (SCI), learn how to add new system calls and discover utilities related to the SCI.In this article, I explore the Linux SCI, demonstrate adding a system call to the 2.6.20 kernel.

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5 Tips for Debugging Java Code in Eclipse

Posted in Developing on September 17, 2008 by v1ruz

5 tips you can use while debugging your Java code in Eclipse. Logical structure, conditional debugging, exception breakpoint, step filtering, evaluation of expressions…

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