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Track all of your RSS feeds associated with you with iStalkr

Posted in Blogs, News, Various on April 18, 2007 by v1ruz

iStalkr is a web app that allows you to create a lifestream tracking all your RSS and ATOM feeds for services you use, like Digg,, Tumblr, Twitter, etc, and create a time line of your activities. iStalkr then utilizes that data socially, like twitter, where you can monitor your friends time lines and other people can monitor yours.

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Backup del Blog con Gmail

Posted in Blogs, Software, Tutorial on June 8, 2006 by v1ruz

Avete un blog basato su WordPress?Avete una email su Gmail?Siete terrorizzati dall'idea di perdere tutti i vostri dati sul blog?Se avete risposto a tutte le domande con un SI allora vi potrebbe interessare questo tutorial, che vi spiega come effettuare backup giornalieri del vostro blog tramite Gmail.