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30+ Must-Have Updated Firefox 3 Extensions

Posted in Software on June 28, 2008 by v1ruz

We’ve put together a list of 30+ must-have Firefox 3 extensions that we know you
’ll enjoy, whether you’ve upgraded to Firefox 3 and are looking for something new to add to your browser, or have yet to make the upgrade and are looking for a reason.

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The creation processes behind 100 stunning CG images (2d&3d)

Posted in Design on June 25, 2008 by v1ruz

Click each image to view an article on how it was created, 50x 3d images, and scroll down for 50x 2d images. Each one is created buy an elite cg artist who reveals their overview in the article on how they went about creating the work.

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Five undisclosed features of Apple’s Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Posted in Apple, OS on June 24, 2008 by v1ruz

Apple is billing Snow Leopard as an OS without any new features, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Under the hood improvements offer users much to look forward to, including the benefits of a new multi-touch framework, dramatic file size reductions, text-processing features, auto activation of fonts, and full read and write ZFS support.

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The cake is a lie: IE team bakes a treat for Mozilla

Posted in Firefox, Software on June 18, 2008 by v1ruz

In honor of today’s Firefox 3 release, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team gave a cake to Mozilla. The tasty treat, which prominently displays IE’s blue “e” icon, just arrived here at Mozilla headquarters in Mountain View.

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The Horror: iPhone Runs Windows XP

Posted in Apple, iPhone on June 18, 2008 by v1ruz

Citrix used its thin client technology to demonstrate an Apple iPhone running Windows XP, at the recent Citrix Application Delivery Conference in Melbourne.

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Firefox Download counter

Posted in Firefox, Software, Uncategorized on June 18, 2008 by v1ruz

The number of people that actually got through before the crash.

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Power User’s Guide to Firefox 3

Posted in Firefox, Software on June 18, 2008 by v1ruz

You already know about Firefox 3’s marquee new features, but now it’s time to dig deep and unearth the shortcuts, tweaks, and even Easter eggs that Mozilla marketing doesn’t mention. In honor of today’s official release of Firefox 3, let’s dive in past it’s most talked-about feature-set into its lesser-known power uses, tricks, and customizations.

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